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“There is more highly polished hardwood here then even the trendiest restaurant designers could have dreamt of. Awana is a London representative of an international restaurant group and we are talking slick and Ritzy rather than cheap and cheerful. Which makes a change, as most of London's Malaysian restaurants fall into the latter category. The 'Satay Bar' dishes are a gently spicy peanut sauce with a broad array of little skewers- salt water tiger prawn, scallops, con-fed chicken, fillet of lamb; there's even a veggie option 'tofu and tomato'. In the main, the satay is well done. Other notable starters are rusuk kambing panggang - grilled lamb ribs; and the rojak buah, which is a Malaysian sour fruit salad. Then there are traditional soups - sup kambing is a thick lamb soup not dissimilar to a Welsh cawl, but with the flavour sharpened by Malay herbs. The classic curries such as kari ikan, red snapper in coconut curry are well handled. And there are also various stir-fries and rice dishes - the ikan bawal putih is a whole pomfret fried with a ginger crust. Service is very friendly and the restaurant is unusual in that it is a Malay resto with a sommelier and a lengthy wine list. Desserts include those famously bizarre Malay concoctions that team cooked beans with shaved ice, but the home-made ice creams are the best option - jack fruit, tamarind. ”
Charles Campion: Full - on Malaysian opulence

"Satay must be one of the best starters ever invented. These were hot, tender and dewy. Yum!"
AA Gill, Sunday Times Style, 2007

“In only two short years, Chelsea’s sleek and stylish Awana restaurant has put quality Malaysian street-food on the map.”
Hilary Armstrong, London Lite, 2007

“The best Malaysian meal I’ve ever eaten.”
Michael Darvell, What’s on in London, 2007

"Awana is simply terrific"
Michael Winner, Sunday Times Review, 2007

Malaysian food goes glam at Eddie Lim’s swish eatery.”
Terry Durack, Independent on Sunday, 2007

“It’s the kind of place that would impress even a Malay princess.”
Hermione Barnett, London Planner 2007

“London’s first upmarket Malaysian restaurant and cocktail bar.”
Time Out magazine, 2007

“Awana is Malay for “in the clouds” and it was pretty heavenly.”
Tris Reid Smith, Pink Paper, 2007

“The sexy and succulent satay sticks at Awana, London’sluxurious Malaysian restaurant, got me hooked.”
Amy Lamé, The Times, 2007

“Seriously good Malaysian cooking (not least amazing satay).”
Harden’s Restaurant Guide, 2008

“Awana, full-on Malaysian opulence.”
Charles Campion, 2008

“Awana chicken satay and Awana it now!”
Tatler Restaurant Guide, 2008

“Recently returned from Malaysia, I’m not quite over its exceptional hospitality and cuisine – Awana is fortunately within reach.”
Shannon Derry, The Hill, 2008

“Set against a backdrop of silky woods, plum leather seating & upholstered wall panels, Awana is a seriously stylish restaurant & cocktail lounge.”
Square Meal, 2008

“Awana – upmarket and swish.”
Marina O’Loughlin, Metro, 2008

“I’d forgotten how much I adored satay until I tried it Awana-style.”
Sudi Pigott, SW Magazine

“Awana is Malay for ‘in the clouds’. The inspiration behind the name is to be found in the heady fare on offer at this high-end Malaysian eatery.”
James Stirling, The Westminster News, 2008

“Malay food is exquisite. Anyone who has eaten Awana in London will have an idea of what to expect.”
Trisha Harbord, News of the World, 2008

“Exotic warmth, spicy flavours, faultless service and a sizzling atmosphere make Awana a delectable antidote to the cold winter weather that promises to leave visitor’s heads ‘in the clouds’”.
Laura Mathew, Area Magazine, 2008

“A chic eatery, with hospitality to match its dazzling décor…Awana is to be treated as the Chelsea girl she is, sophisticated and charming.”
Myriam Francois-Cerrah, Emel, 2008

“While I am sure other Malaysian restaurants aspire to this level of fine dining, I know that my first choice will always be Awana.”
Saffron Pinegar, London Informer, 2008.


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